When you hear designer!name, what iconic product comes to mind?
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When you hear designer!name, what iconic product comes to mind?

When I hear Herve Leger, I think of his bandage dress. When I hear Barbour, I think Country Life-esque wax jackets. Uggs -> sheepskin boots. Missoni -> zig-zag pattern scarves. Even for make-up, when I hear Urban Decay, I immediately think of their primer potion. Nail polish -> OPI

But what about DNKY? Armani? Prada? Etc?

Backstory: I've come into money from a doting aunt, on the condition that I spend it on 'fabulous pieces'. I'm not really a clothes horse, but like the idea of investing in one key piece from a spread of designers. I've never owned a dress worth more than $50, but bought my first DVF wrap dress last week and the difference has been amazing.
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Hermes -> scarf
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Frye -> harness boots that last a lifetime.
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Diane von Furstenberg - wrap dress.
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Coach = handbag
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Armani - American Gigolo
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Best answer: Christian Louboutin - Pigalle 120 patent-leather pumps

Chanel - 2.55, classic quilted flap bag, so class it's got its own Wikipedia page. For apparel, the tweed or boucle jacket.

Burberry - The Trenchcoat

Chloe - handbags, more currently Marcie, if you want something that really set them off, the Paddington

Alexander McQueen - the skull scarf

Manolo Blahnik - any of his shoes

Cartier - either their classic Tank watch, but my personal favourite is the balon bleu

Hermes - a scarf, but also of course the Birkin

Proenza Schouler - the PS1 bag

Vera Wang - bridalwear

Church's - brogues, they make them for women too.

Converse - sneakers, particularly the canvas high top

Louis Vuitton - luggage

Rick Owens - the leather jacket
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Oops one more
Mulberry - Bayswater bag or the Alexa
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Funny, when I think Chanel I only think of the ubiquitous LBD - Little Black Dress.
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Philip Starck - and his juicer that fails as a juicer.
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Armani = suit.
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Gloria Vanderbilt - Jeans
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Pucci = awesome paisleys (scarves or dresses)

For vintage, I'm stuck on Vested Gentress lately. Search for them on Google images. Their trademark was amazing whimsical fabrics.

Oh how I envy you. What a fun question!
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Kate Spade - handbags
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Also for Burberry: Scarf in iconic trademark check (bag, wallet, galoshes, etc in that print too)

Also for Chanel: Sunglasses with CC pearl inlay logo (I don't like logos, but this looks classy and classic.)

Rayban WayFarers

Also for LV: Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag (can get this in un-logoed versions a well)
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Brunello Cucinelli - cashmere sweaters
Sperry - boat shoes
Baracuta - Harrington jackets
Levi's - blue jeans
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Since you mentioned makeup, Guerlain Meteorites are pretty iconic and luxurious.
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Hermes - the Kelly bag
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Loro Piana cashmere sweaters are magnificent quality and beautifully tailored.

Something that every ultra-rich New Yorker I have ever met had several pairs of were the custom-lasted Belgian loafers.
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Balenciaga: handbags

L.L. Bean: Boat and Tote

Lilly Pulitzer: floral dresses
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DKNY: tights!
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Dolce and Gabbana - leopard print

Benefit Benetint
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Marimekko: raw cotton fabrics (especially the Unikko pattern) and the Olkalaukku bag.

To the L.L. Bean Boat and Tote, I'd add The Bean Boot, the Hudson Bay Blanket, and pre-redesign Wellies.

Chemex coffeemakers.
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I love this question.

Ditto on the Hermes Kelly, wish I thought of that as I like it more than the Birkin.

Ray-Ban - also the Aviator

La Perla or Agent Provocateur - for decadent lingerie

Marc Jacobs - "mouse" flats

French sole - ballet flats
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