Diagnostics for internet connection
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Help me to remember a website that has an excellent internet connection/protocol tester.

I seem to have lost my ability to find a great website that tests a whole bundle of connectivity tools including tests for bandwidth, DNS, dropped packets, and a lot of other things that I either don't remember and/or don't understand.
My recollection of it was that it was a page with a .edu domain. Perhaps a college in California? It would give you a breakdown of all of the tests it ran, and explain briefly what they all meant.

If no one knows what I'm talking about, do you have any suggestions for pages that can run connection diagnostics?
I'm working in a theater that has DSL right now, and while the downstream speed is around 5mb, it can take tons of time "waiting" to hear back from webpage servers.
I'm using open DNS, which seems to have helped a little bit, but it's still really slow when there is more than just one person on the connection.

Any thoughts?
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Was it the Network Monitoring Tools at Stanford?
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Response by poster: it's not the stanford one, it was a little more self-contained in one nice little package and was a meant for people who don't have quite as much intense knowledge as the Stanford website requires. Thanks though, if I were a little more intelligent that website might be super useful.
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Best answer: How about Berkeley's Netalyzr?
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CentralOps.net ?
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Response by poster: I think it's bcwinters for the win.
However, something about my internet connection freezes it at the last stage:
"Posting Test Results"

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