What happened to the Internet in 11/07?
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A question about Internet domains and DNS: What happened to the number of registered domains between 10/07 and 11/07? For the first time they dropped, and significantly: 2 million domains were unregistered.

Zooknic shows this result.

Date Total domains
11/15/2007 94,854,717
10/15/2007 96,946,506
9/15/2007 95,233,625

This is the only month in history that there is negative growth since 1998. Was there a policy change? Something cleaned up? If you know of something, a specific reference to what you recall would be great to have. Thanks.
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netcraft's surveys in november and october of 2007 don't show any decrease in number of websites or active websites.
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Maybe it has something to do with Google's AdSense actively dropping domain names that are repeatedly registered and dropped, which is also known as domain tasting. If random domains are no longer netting the gains they once were, they may no longer be re-registered - and I'm not sure if Domain Tasters are tallied in the total registered domains number.
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Eh, nm - didn't catch that this was in reference to 2007, my post was referring to events that happened after this.
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long term registrations expiring?
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I don't have an answer for you (yet) but if you look at the individual TLDs there, you'll see it's only .info that declined. That might be a clue, but to what I don't know.
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Response by poster: Chesty_a: I think you might be reading the chart incorrectly. It looks like only .biz did not decline.
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Yes, yes I am. Thank you.
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Best answer: In case anyone is interested: with the help of someone outside of MeFi, I learned that the best answer seems to be that Capitol Domains stopped domain tasting on that date.
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