Ball support.
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I'm very serious about athletic support, so help me find the perfect male athletic undergarment. Descriptions of the movements and hazards of male genitalia within.

If I don't have good support when I do anything involving running, I get the dull ache of scrotal pain later. Can't have that.

Whitie tighties aren't enough. I've got a soccer player's ass, so jocks or "athletic briefs" ride up in back. Currently, sliders/compression shorts are what I use, but they don't provide idea crotchal segregation and I end up with the ol' meat and potatoes mashed up against one leg.

These are all of the options that I'm aware of. What can i do?
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Women with larger busts often double up on bras; it's just the only way to get the right amount of compression and whatever else they're looking for.

Can you do tighty whities as an underlayer to get your junk in the right place, and ten add compression shorts to get the support?
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Nutty Buddy.
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Best answer: Specifically: NB compression shorts.
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You could try using compression shorts designed to hold a cup, but without the cup. Like these.
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I'm wearing 2 (count 'em) pairs of underpants right now. In other words, you may not be able to find everything you want in a single item.
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The traditional answer was always a jock strap. I've never actually worn one, but from your description it is what you are looking for.
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Do running shorts with built-in briefs work for you? I've found that SOME of them work for me, and I have the same basic needs/experiences that you describe. Specifically, I've found that Mizuno-brand shorts never have good-enough briefs, but Mountain Hardwear's "Refueler" shorts are perfect.
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Response by poster: Those NB compression shorts seem to be what I'd been unable to articulate I wished existed. Are there generic terms or other items that correspond to these that might not be $45?

Jocks are a no, and I've use running shorts with built-ins before, but I don't know that they'd be tight enough.

More than one undergarment would be a last resort, but with the Texas summer coming up, I need to shed all the heat I can.
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That NB site sells 3 or 4 kinds of jock strap, starting at $4, "Strong, Vertical Strands Allow For The Supportive “cupping” Action Of The Pouch"

Googling "testicle support" gives some promising leads:

I've got the same prob; I've tried

Hey, I learned a new word:
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Response by poster: I'm not sure what to make of those suspensories. The ones with straps would probably give me the same problem as jocks or athletic briefs, but I'm not sure how the strapless ones prevent excessive flopping.

I think the kynodesme is right out.
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