Best peanut butter cookie recipe
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I love peanut butter cookies. I love them when they are very peanutty, and slightly moist. I love them when they don't have peanut bits in them, or chocolate chips in them. (I love them when they do have peanut butter chips in them, but I have trouble finding peanut butter chips.)

I have a pile of peanut butter cookie recipes, all of which are perfectly fine but none of which are the ultimate cookie. I am not worried about the cookies being good for me, just very peanutty and not dry moist and chewy. Sort of like an awesome oatmeal cookie, except with peanut butter.
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My favorite are the recipe from Betty Crocker cookbook. Er, or was it Better Homes & Gardens? I don't have an online link. Only a tattered hardback 3-ring cookbook on a bookshelf in my kitchen.
The recipe specifies "decorating" the cookies by smashing them down with a sugar-dipped fork, thus imprinting a cross-hatch on each. I think this is somehow important as it indicates that the dough is nice and thick/stiff.
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This is my go-to peanut butter cookie recipe. It only has 3 ingredients (though I usually add a tsp of vanilla extract, which brings the total ingredients to 4) and it's super fast! You could easily add peanut butter chips. If you're careful not to over-bake them, the cookies turn out very soft and moist.
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I made these from Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook recently and they were GREAT.

(It calls for glucose, which seems a little ridiculous but MAN these cookies are chewy and moist and not super sweet. if you think you'll make a couple batches or any of her other cookie recipes, it's worth getting from amazon. And use cake flour if you can! The higher protein helps with chewiness, according to Tosi.)
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Frandrebin, do you mean bread flour? Cake flour has less protein than all-purpose flour.
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Joy the Baker has two peanut butter cookies--one is less cookie and more cooked peanut butter with bacon; the other is deliciously cookie-like. In the comments is a link to a Dorie Greenspan peanut butter cookie, which I have never tried, but usually, I love everything Dorie Greenspan does.
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I came in here to recommend the same cookies mossicle did. bonus - my gluten free coworkers loved me for bringing those in today
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For a non-homemade kind of thing, try PB2 peanut butter thins - really more like tiny peanut butter shortbread cookies. Not really moist, but very peanutty.
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I sometimes make an oatmeal cookie and add peanut butter. It produces something a lot like what you describe. (I also often eat the batter raw and it's delicious). I don't use a recipe, though, so I recommend experimenting with your favourite oatmeal cookie recipe and just adding the peanut butter in.
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The recipe that mossicle linked is exactly the recipe that my family has always used. Also, if you are near a Wal-Mart (since I figure most people in the US are - but then I'd be assuming you live in the US), they carry the Reese's Peanut Butter baking chips in the baking aisle.
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Response by poster: Oh, I always have corn syrup on hand. I also always have fructose on hand, but that's like an extra-easy to dissolve sugar, and I don't know what glucose means in a recipe -- is it liquid or solid?

Lollusc, I don't have an awesome soft oatmeal cookie recipe either. (I have a great crunchy one.)

I am not in the US. I buy the peanut butter chips when I am, but then I use them up fairly quickly, and I am currently out and will not be back to the US until end June.
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Whoops, sorry, yes, bread flour, not cake flour. I got excited.

Glucose is apparently also sold as "invert sugar". It's got a grainier consistency than corn syrup, and is sweet but not crazy sweet. It kind is tastes to me like a toned down middle of a cadbury creme egg. I don't know much about the chemical properties etc but the difference from using corn syrup in the two batches I've made was noticeable and awesome.
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I just made the recipe that mossicle linked to and I must second them. They're great! And they definitely seem to fit what the OP is looking for.
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I usually base my oatmeal cookies loosely on "Anzac Biscuits", so try a recipe like this if you are feeling experimental. I'd add up to half a cup of peanut butter, and I often leave out the coconut and put in more oatmeal instead. The secret is not to cook them too long. They should still seem uncooked and like they'd fall apart when you first remove them from the oven. They firm up a bit as they cool.
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Glucose is apparently also sold as "invert sugar".

I don't think that's right. Invert sugar is sucrose split into its components -- so a mixture fructose and glucose.
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Seconding Markhu on the BHG recipe. I've tried oh so many, and this one is just fantastic, and people every time I make them someone asks for the recipe.
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I just made the BHG recipe too. It is AWESOME.
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I'm not quite sure of the recipe he used, but a friend of mine made peanut butter cookies that included peanut flour and they were so yummy.
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Seconding Momofuku Milk Bar cookies. Those things are crack.
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Oh my god are those cookies with peanut brittle?! Why I have never thought of that! Amazing.

But I n-th mossicle's recipe. Easy, fast, tasty.
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You might try the America's Test Kitchen recipe. Every recipe I have ever tried from ATK is fantastic.

The secret to this recipe is fresh peanuts, in addition to peanut butter. They chop the peanuts fine in a food processor, then add them to the batter last. It gives a super peanutty flavor, and helps keep the cookies moist and chewy.
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Also, have you considered Reese's Pieces in the cookies instead of peanut butter chips? Since the pieces have a candy shell, they are probably more heat durable and may be available online for international shipping.

Plus, same great peanut butter flavor, crunchy candy shell texture. Win!
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This isn't a specific recipe, but a general comment about cookies. I once learned, from a fantastic baker, the eight minute rule. Her theory was that there was no reason to bake your cookies for longer than eight minutes, and if they didn't look quite done, just leave them on the cookie tray outside of the oven. If they do look done, transfer them to a wire cooling rack.

Since implementing that rule, I have gloried in the most amazing, moist cookies.
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