What do I do with this ghee?
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So I made ghee. Now what?

I've made ghee as described in that link. I'd like to know what I could do with it now. I already plan on using it in place of butter when frying eggs or pancakes. What other recipes can I use it in?
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Visit The Curry House. (I am a broken record on this subject, but ...)
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Popcorn! Pop the kernels in it. Slather the popcorn with it. *faint* Delicious!
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Make prodigious amounts of Indian food. Mmmm...Indian food.
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A lot of hollandaise sauces call for it. And its a Holiday weekend!!!!
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All Indian sweets require copious amounts of ghee. I suggest some Ladoo, Gajar ka Halwa, Jalebi, or Gulab Jamun.

Or mix a little bit of it with whatever oil you use to add a bit more buttery flavor (say, grilled veggies or any meat). I mean, you can use it as an outright oil replacement, but your arteries would not appreciate it.
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This is awesome--you needed a recipe for ghee, I have the recipe that calls for ghee, but had no recipe for ghee.

Manjula's Kitchen
posted a recipe not that long ago for Pav Bhaji, which calls for ghee. I'm sure it's not the only one of her recipes that calls for it, either.

There's also Allrecipe's Ingredients I want/don't want page, which then gives you a recipe based off of your requirements (i.e. plug in ghee and say, rice or even just ghee, and see what results)
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You can use it to worship Vishnu as described in the Upanishads....
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Dhal. Make some red lentil dhal, it's easy, relatively fast and delicious.
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Ghee rice! Best with chicken or mutton curry.
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I am not a big fan of fried foods but once a year my wife and I make samosas and pakoras. My wife follows a HariKrisna recipe for both. The big change that I am aware of is that she uses the leftover milk fat from the ghee in the samosas. They both get deep fried in ghee. Care is taken not to over heat it. Oh my goodness!
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A good place to buy Indian supplies is Golden India on Fairlawn. I cook Indian food almost exclusively, and that's where I get all my stuff. Strangely, though, I've never used ghee. When I first started experimenting with Indian cooking, I substituted vegetable oil and/or butter, and the habit just stuck.
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This recipe for dal is excellent. Double or triple it, then double or triple the ghee on top of that >:P. You could also make niter kibbeh, a spiced ghee used extensively in Ethiopian cuisine.
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Indian food in general is a good answer, but I'll second zerokey's suggestion of popcorn too. I put a tablespoon of the stuff in the bottom of a wok and then thrown in half a cup of corn kernels. Surprisingly satisfying and tasty. [I also found a recipe that involved popcorn, ghee, chilli, black pepper, garlic and a load of other stuff for savoury popcorn. That rocked too...]
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