How to create an online troubleshooting tool?
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I would like to create an online troubleshooting "tree" in which users needing tech support get directed to different pages with further suggestions and questions depending on their answers to earlier questions, similar to (but hopefully more useful than) the Microsoft Windows troubleshooter. If they are unable to resolve the problem themselves, I would like to be sent an email or for a ticket or spreadsheet row to be created with the answers they provided.

I am the volunteer webmaster for a co-op preschool and receive many similar support requests, such as parents being unable to see the calendar for their child's class. I created detailed guides that I can't get people to read. Instead, everyone just emails me without giving me any of the details I need to solve the problem.

I tried solving this problem with a Google Form that branched to different pages depending on answers, but I am unable to embed pictures or links, which I need in order to make clear suggestions.

I have no budget so would ideally like a free solution, although I'd be willing to pay a small amount for a good product/service if necessary.
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Response by poster: oceanjesse, how could Visio be used? I'm not talking about a diagram of a tree. I'm talking about having multiple web pages?
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Why don't you just set up a FAQ? If there wasn't a FAQ I'd probably skip the tree and email you directly to be honest.
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Best answer: This is much of what you want, a free online FAQ and form/email service you can link into your site.

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Response by poster: The problem with the FAQ is that they wouldn't give me any of the information I need when they emailed me.
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Response by poster: @caclwmr4, thanks, you're right, it does do much of what I need, although I'll see if I get a better match before marking yours as the answer.
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Something like this?
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Response by poster: @sarah_pdx, yes, but not video, html.
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