Neuro drinks - what's your take?
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Neuro drinks - Legit or bogey? What are your experiences with these products?

Just wondering if anyone's got a testimonial on Neuro drinks (e.g. Neuro Bliss, Neuro Trim, etc.).

I'm a huge fan of Neuro Sun bc it does feel like drinking liquid sunlight & I suffer from S.A.D. I'm considering ordering a few 12 cases off amazon.
But am I getting a legit mood boost? Or is it placebo?

Some people claim that Neuro Bliss will knock you out.

Just curious to hear anyone else's experiences. And yes, I do realize that if it boosts my mood it doesn't matter if it's placebo effect or chemical. :)
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Here is the official nutrition data. Also, a case of 12 seems to cost ~30$.

My conclusion: you could get a couple hundred doses of the same thing for half the price if you buy normal vitamin D supplements and a box of sugar.
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The ingredients are:

- Filtered water (This makes it a liquid.)
- crystalline fructose (Sugar derived from corn. 200% sweeter than table sugar, 5% sweeter than corn syrup, has not been designated as safe by the FDA.)
- citric acid (added to give it a tart citrus-y taste)
- natural flavors (companies are allowed to hide secret ingredients and proprietary blends as "flavors")
- malic acid (Another ingredient that adds "tartness". Malic acid is what gives green apples and grapes their tart flavor)
- sucralose (Artificial Sweetener, better known as Splenda)
- gum acacia (Edible thickener)
- ester gum (Also known as Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin, this is a preservative used in fruit punches, pineapple drinks, and citrus drinks)
- potassium sorbate (preservative, keeps it from turning into a fortified wine)
- sodium benzoate (Another preservative, this one keeps it from getting moldy)
- cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3, which is from an animal source.)

Other than the addition of Vitamin D, this is just a regular diet citrus/fruit punch soda. If you enjoy it, drink it.
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Best answer: I've used the Neuro Sleep multiple times, and I find it does help me. It gives me a bit of an extra bit of sleep, and I've noticed (and this may just be confirmation bias) that I tend to not wake as much after drinking a bottle than normal. It's also about the same as taking melatonin (which is in Sleep, according to the label), but I do find it helpful.

Also, I like the taste.

So that's me. I don't like the taste of the Sonic, noticed no change in anything with the Trim, and haven't tried the Bliss or any of the others.
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Yeah it's probably more fun than taking a vitamin D pill, but it's not actually "good for you" because of all the other stuff. If you don't mind the sugar and whatnot, hey, it's vitamins.

*sips Red Bull*
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They're about as legit as Sobe.
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Maybe these drinks work better than pills due to the idea that vitamins in liquid form will be absorbed better/faster than vitamin pills? I've heard the stories about plumbers who clean out septic tanks and find caches of undigested pills.
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- crystalline fructose (Sugar derived from corn. 200% sweeter than table sugar, 5% sweeter than corn syrup, has not been designated as safe by the FDA.)

aristan, since "crystalline fructose" dissolved in water (as in this product) is just fructose, which is the primary sugar in many fruits (such as pears), I'm not clear what the scare phrase "has not been designated as safe by the FDA" is supposed to add.

It's slightly-vitamin-D-enhanced kool-aid, but other than being "junk food", harmless.
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