I want good online stores for my kitten cat
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CAT-FILTER: Where are the cutest and coolest online stores selling cat toys, cat costumes, cat furniture, etc.? Googling brings me boring stuff. Etsy and eBay stores are good too.

Bonus points for Australian companies (but international shipping is fine).
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Best answer: Try ModernCat.
posted by trillian at 4:19 AM on February 25, 2012

Best answer: There is always this.
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Amazing scratching posts: DJ Cat Scratch! Catzilla!
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DailyKibble sometimes features fun stuff.
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Oh Boy Cat Toy.
posted by mykescipark at 7:45 AM on February 25, 2012

Do you seriously want to torture your kitteh?

I say go for it.

Seconding CatAtelier.
posted by BlueHorse at 4:13 PM on February 25, 2012

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