How can I get my iMac to wake up remotely?
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How do I get my iMac to wake on demand when it's asleep and asked to do so? These instructions from Apple are pretty straightforward on how to set it up for Bonjour, but I can't get it to work when it receives a request from Apple TV to wake up. It's an iMac running Lion with a Time Capsule set up as the Base Station. The iMac supports Wake on Demand over Wi-Fi and ethernet (it's connected over Wi-Fi). Time Capsule and Lion have the latest updates. I've found recommendations on Google but nothing has worked. Any troubleshooting pointers? (Bonus question: how can I get it to wake up from outside my network?) Thanks.
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I used to use a product called WakeOnMac for this purpose.

It looks like WakeOnLan might be newer and better.

I used to administer about 1300 Macs globally and found that whatever Apple's claims about Wake On Demand were, sometimes even Macs on the same local switch couldn't be awoken via Remote Desktop's Wake function. WakeOnMac would always wake them.
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