Good emulators for OS X Intel?
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Please recommend good entertainment console emulators for Mac OS X Intel.

I used to use zsnes, nesticle, ultraHLE, Bleem, etc. a few years ago under DOS and Wintel, but I'm no longer sure what the applications of choice are under OS X Intel.

Please suggest whatever is best from the free/open, and payware sides.

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Best answer: snes9x is great for SNES
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Best answer: You know, has a mac player that plays a bunch of b-list games for free. They had Wonderboy in Monsterworld! But I'll second the snex9x for playing SNES titles.

For Genesis titles, Generator is pretty good.
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Best answer: Nestopia is good for NES games. Get a Wii-mote and download Darwiin Remote and it's just like the real thing, almost. And seconding snes9x. I've been wasting entirely too much time playing Rampart with that the last few days...
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Best answer: The stuff Richard Bannister puts out is where most of the quality is.
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Not a console, but there's OSXII for playing old Apple ][ games like Taipan! and Castle Wolfenstein.
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Best answer: Mupen64 (N64 emu) has an OSX port.
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Best answer: And how could I forget ScummVM?
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Best answer: Note: Nestopia requires Emulator Enhancer (shareware) in order to utilize USB gamepads. Even then, don't expect any head-to-head USB action as you can only use one USB gamepad at a time.
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