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I've read that a podcast becomes more popular on iTunes the more people review it. Is that true? Why is that the case? Is it worth it to ask listeners of my podcast to review it to improve the podcast rank?
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Yes, because essentially the itunes podcast ranking is a guess, rather than based on exact download figures.

This is because podcasts in the itunes store are (as you know) not hosted by Apple but by you instead and per that faq this Apple faq "the iTunes client application does not report podcast download or unsubscribe information to the iTunes Store or any third party.

So, Apple only has two real numbers to count when estimating podcast popularity. The number of people clicking "subscribe" in itunes and the number (and quality) of reviews and ratings that a podcast is getting. Apple has, to my knowledge never explicitly revealed how its rankings are calculated, but the anecdotal evidence I have heard from dozens of podcasters is overwhelming that reviews and ratings in itunes have a real impact on podcast ranking (and therefore exposure and downloads).
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I don't know the technicalities, but I do know that most of the podcasts I listen to ask for reviews, and mention that it really helps in their rankings. So there must be something to it. So, yes, ask your listeners to review.
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