Best Wordpress ecommerce plugin for digital goods?
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What is the best Wordpress ecommerce plugin for digital downloads only? I am setting up a small store for digital goods (e-books, etc.) on a Wordpress site.

I would like to find a plugin that preferably allows the purchaser's download to start immediately when they purchase the e-book or other digital good. I have tried WooCommerce, but it only tells you your order has been completed-- it then has to be fulfilled by the seller by hand, which I think is confusing when most people are used to being able to download a purchased download immediately. Personal experience with this type of thing would be especially helpful.

Ideally, this plugin would allow customers to pay with something other than Paypal. If this is an extra feature you can pay to add, that is fine.

I don't mind paying for a plugin, but budget is a concern, though it is flexible. $50 or a bit more is fine if it meets both those requirements and provides support, though if there is something great out there that is more expensive I would be happy to hear about it.
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try cart66 maybe
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Try e-junkie.

There are plug ins available and they have a scalable monthly fee (based on sales) starting at $5 a month.
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Isn't WP e-commerce the goto plugin, here?
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Best answer: Another vote for e-Junkie. I use it to sell a digital product. e-Junkie generates HTML code for each product's "buy" button; you copy and paste that code into your site or post. When someone buys, they immediately get an email with a link that they use to download or access the product. The support forums are pretty active, and I've always found answers to my questions.

After a bad experience, I don't trust PayPal. For me, it was worth the hassle to set up a real merchant account and sign up with I used Dharma Merchant Services to apply.
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Best answer: I have had excellent service from and experience with e-junkie for a few years now. Definitely recommend it!
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