Songs like Dana Fuchs' Beatles covers?
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I adore Dana Fuchs' covers in Across the Universe. Help me find more songs like this?

I really like "Why Don't We Do It In the Road", "Helter Skelter", "Don't Let Me Down" (with Martin Luther McCoy), followed by "Oh! Darling" (with Martin Luther McCoy).

First, *bites lip and eyes roll up* that guitar, o god, yes. Plus, I like how "edgy" her voice in these covers sound, and how they're rock with a bluesy thing going on. However, I've found I'm sadly not that interested in her original music.

For reference, I already have some similar music such as songs by The Dead Weather ("Hang You From The Heavens", "So Far From Your Weapon", and "I Cut Like A Buffalo"), a totally random song I found by Rose Tattoo (except I'm not a fan of the sing-talking so much as the guitar and the mood it creates).
Some other music I listen to that's not so much similar music as perhaps a similar mood, at least for me: Falling In Reverse's "Pick Up The Phone", many songs by Halestorm, Florence and The Machine's "Kiss With A Fist" and "Girl With One Eye", The Doors in one of the newest Skrillex songs "Breakn A Sweat", and Thea Gilmore's "Razor Valentine".

If I had to say what the mood was....I almost want to say violent and/or jealous (jealous being the possessive, envious being something you want that someone else has) love, occasionally wherein the singer is trying to pretend that they don't care but here they are singing this sexy, dirty, soul-ripping song.
However, I am NOT a fan of much country music or songs that whine and plead for their lover to return.

So yeah. Hopefully that's not too crazy specific :-P Thanks!
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