Antiques close to NYC
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Where can I go get antiques on a day trip out of NYC?

We have rented a zipcar for the day tomorrow, and want to leave the city to do something random. I have been looking for a good rocking chair for a long time, so I was hoping we could go in the direction of good antique shopping. Someplace also near a park that would accommodate a quick hike would also be fun. Charming towns a plus. Can you suggest a direction for us to drive?
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Red Bank, NJ - exit 109 off of the Parkway, about an hour south of NYC. Has a few antique shops (can't vouch for how good they are; but I know people who have gotten nice things) and probably meets the charming town definition. If you want to hike, you should go to Hartshorne Woods in Middletown (approx 10 minutes away).
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Drive north! Cold Spring is the perfect destination, about 90 minutes away, charming, on the Hudson, cool shops and restaurants and great antiquing.
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Warren st in Hudson NY has about 20 antique stores and terrific restataunts and coffee shops. It's a wonderful train ride or about 2 hrs in the car. (take the taconic, don't speed).
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Seconded Cold Spring - on the main street in town I think there's at least 3 antique stores alone, plus other neat quirky shops & restaurants.
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Seconding Red Bank! Great stores in a very cute town.<
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Warren Street in Hudson for sure. The stuff is crazy expensive but they have lots of it.
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I came here to suggest Hudson, but I seem to have been pre-empted....

(And really, don't speed on the Taconic.)
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Renninger's can have some great finds, and is within easy driving distance of Amish country
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After living there for a period of time, I'm obligated to mention Hudson, NY. The antique stores are fantastic, but I think the city itself is the attraction. It's a fascinating mix of recent gentrification and families that have been established there for generations. You can also cross the bridge and head into either Catskill or Kingston for some less-expensive antiquing.
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From the GW bridge, Nyack is just 30 minutes North on 9W . When you're done shopping, you can easily get to Hook Mountain State Park.
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Gratuitous Hudson links:
Travel+Leisure article
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Thanks everyone! We ended up going to Cold Spring, which was charming but the antiques were more of the old dishes and mirrors sort, not so much serious furniture. No doubt we will try this again though so I'll keep Hudson, Red Bank and the other suggestions in mind.
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