Where to get cheap bento boxes in Los Angeles
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Where to buy cheap bento boxes in Los Angeles area?

I would like to buy a bunch of cheap bento boxes (not filled with food, just the plastic/metal food holder) for an upcoming party. Can anyone recommend a good place to browse for such items in southern California, say between Ventura and the north part of Orange County?

In the Bay area, I would go to Ichiban Kan or Daiso, but I don't know the local equivalents - what are the good Japanese dollar stores?
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A few of chains off the top of my head: Tokyo Japanese Outlets, Mitsuwa Market, and Marukai, which is another grocery chain that also carries household goods. All three have several locations in the LA area.

Hope this helps!
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There's a discount/dollar store, I believe, in the Little Tokyo Galleria as well.
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I'd just go wander around Little Tokyo and try my luck. Rafu Bussan often carries pretty random items, although they tend to be slightly higher end than what I think you're looking for.
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Here is a source in Gardena, CA.

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That's a pretty big geographic range. Look for restaurant supply stores in close to you, preferably in an predominantly Asian neighborhood or with a recognizably Asian name. San Jose is too far north, but when I went to Dong Vinh Restaurant Equipment and Supply it was filled with this sort of thing.
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LAX-C should have what you need. They are just outside of Chinatown and are a giant restaurant supplier open to the public.
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