GUI-Customizable flash soundboard that assigns sounds to keypresses?
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I need a simple program (an SWF preferably) that will let me assign locally-stored sound clips to my PC's keyboard. Something like the Jingle Keyboard freeware, or a flash soundboard, but will let me assign specific sounds to specific keys -- such as sound1.mp3 to C, sound2.mp3 to V, etc..

Several of my MW3 friends have started humming a little fanfare whenever we use a device in-game, such as when we're about to launch a predator missile. I've got the PC setup with speakers prepared, but just need to find a way to play a sound file at the press of a keyboard key without having to fuss with a mouse to double-click the individual sounds.
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Best answer: AutoHotKey is a free simple to use app for making mapping key presses to things. You should be able to use the SoundPlay function to play the sound files.
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Response by poster: That's exactly what I needed -- cheers!
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