Wattleseed Recipes
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Just got a gift from a Metafilter-ian in Australia of ground wattle seed, which I'm super exited about! Now I need some delicious recipes to cook with it. I have a Valentines party to go to later today, so I'm especially looking something dessert-y to share (but other recs are also welcome!)
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I've not cooked with it but had it in vanilla pod ice cream and if you know how to make shortbread it is super yummy in shortbread with or without macadamia nuts (which are also originally from Australian).

I did a search and found this recipe I haven't used it so can't vouch for it but it sounds about right.

Ground wattle seeds are nice in icing/frosting so you could also make these biscuits. Biscuits in Australia are cookies not biscuits and gravy type of thing.
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Wattle seed pannacotta is delicious, though I am not sure if you will have enough time to prepare before your party. There are many recipes online, good luck!
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I'm not sure what would be too much effort, but here are some thoughts:

Wattleseed is easy to incorporate into cookies (sneak some into a basic sugar cookie recipe, or substitute the cinnamon in snickerdoodles).

A no bake cheese cake wouldn't be too much bother, try adding it to a cheesecake base. Maybe pair it with a honey, ricotta or vanilla body? (I found a recipe online for wattleseed tiramisu but can't vouch for it)

Wattleseed icecream would rock my world, and if that is all too hard I might even stir it through softened preexisting vanilla ice cream.

A chocolate and wattleseed mousse in little chocolate cups? Sounds like a bit of a pain to build but I'm just typing for self gratification now...

I've not used it in savoury dishes but it is often used on meat in a spice rub.
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I've made ice cream, and am planning to make panna cotta, and meringues or macarrons at some point.
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Oh, and I don't have specific recipes, I just steep in milk for the ice cream, and then strained half out (I like some of the texture, but too much wattleseed is like too much coffee grounds).
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