A Bit Of My Landlord's Ear?
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TV culture vultures - please help me ID an early '90s MTV sketch that featured a punk version of the 'one of these things is not like the others' game & theme song.

So the sketch opened with a punk guy singing an awesomely over the top version of the familiar ‘one of these things is not like the others’ song, and the items were, as I recall, fish & chips, egg & chips, jellied eel & chips, and “a bit of my landlord’s ear.”

I know tracking down a copy of this thing will be difficult in any case, but I can’t try until I figure out from what show it came. Any ideas, team?

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"I've got here some fish and chips, some chicken and chips, some jellied eel on chips, and a bi' of my landlord's ear. Now, which one of these does not fit? It's the jellied eel on chips, because all the rest taste quite lovely with a bi' of tarter sauce."

Someone in this forum quotes it. Could it have been one of the members of Moxy Früvous?
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I have sent a message to the poster on Fruhead.com to ask.
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Response by poster: Yowsers, thanks.
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I know what sketch you're talking about. I really want to say it was from Liquid Television, but I'm not finding anything to back me up on it yet.
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Could it have been on Sifl and Olly? I remember that their landlord was always trying to evict them, maybe this is a reference to him somehow.
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The Fruhead.com poster (Mamalissa) doesn't know the original source. She learned it in the early 90s from a friend. Who now claims that Mamalissa taught it to her. Mamalissa would like to know the source, too.

And, pupperduck, Sifl & Olly was late 90s, not early.
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