Savory Cupcake?
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Simple SAVORY cupcake recipe aside from meatloaf and the usual?

I actually found a savory lasagna cupcake recipe but I just feel it is quite common and I wanted something unique to serve for a special occasion. I really do not have that much of an experience in cooking but I love exploring.

I hope to have your thoughts about a recipe that is easy but tasty and not that expensive and have ingredients that are not so hard to find.
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I'd think basically any kind of casserole (mac and cheese, chicken, broccoli, and rice, tortilla casserole) could be divided up and made in cupcake tins. Not "cake", but the extra crusty edges on the small servings would be quite yummy.
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Bacon cups with salad.
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Oh! I know this!!

What about Yorkshire Pudding?
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I win. dilly zucchini ricotta muffins. my wife rarely makes them so as to save me from myself.
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Basil zucchini muffins and sweet potato feta muffins are my most popular ones
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I think for this you'd be better off searching for savory muffins rather than savory cupcakes. Unless you feel you want to put some kind of savory icing on them, which I'm not getting from your post and which I don't see how it could work.

There are a ton of savory muffins out there, though. I make them with goat's cheese or feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil. This looks like a good recipe that's similar to what I make. Or how about this recipe which has eggplant?
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Buffalo Chicken Wing cupcakes
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Bread pudding works well in cupcake form. I like this recipe.
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Hey guys! sorry for not replying for a bit long, I got caught up with something.

I thought about muffins too! but I just wanted a little bit unique. Thanks for all your answers and thoughts. I might be trying the Italian Love Nests (I love the Italian twist!) and maybe the Dill zucchini ricotta muffins (they sound interesting)! or perhaps the Buffalo Chicken Wings cupcakes (Bet my cousins would love them!) and look a bit more of the others too.

Again, everybody is much appreciated!
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