Quiero aprender español. Es LingQ.com un buen sitio web para eso?
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Have you used LingQ.com to help you learn a language? What did you think of it? Do you have any other recommendations for paid language learning sites that cost no more than $15 per month? (I am learning Spanish.)

I'm considering using LingQ to supplement my tediously slow introductory Spanish course. Before I pay for it, I want to know a little more how well people like it.

Also, if you've used another site at a similar price point which you like very much, please tell me about it.
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Just checking, have you tried out Mango Languages via NYPL? I like them for re-learning words but I'm not sure if you could do a whole "learn a language" course on it, but people find it easy to use and friendly.
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Response by poster: I didn't know about that. Now I have to find my NYPL card... (now that I live in Brooklyn, I pretty much always use BPL).
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You might be interested in my Mimic Method post. Maybe get some feedback from tdismukes on his experience with the free beta.
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I've used LoMásTv.com. I kind of lost steam at some point, but I thought the site and what it offered were very good. When I get serious about learning Spanish again, I will definitely re-subscribe (9.95/mo). They aggregate Spanish-language videos from all over the world, and then add transcription and translation subtitles. And you can slow the video down. I learned a lot while I was using it.
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Live Mocha is free, although you can pay for access to more activities. Definitely worth checking out.
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I've been using Quizlet to suplement my learning of a foreign language. There are flash cards, simple games, and quizzes that people have put together. I'm learning Russian and there are HEAPS of items that come up in the search; can't even imagine how much more plentiful it would be for Spanish. Also, it's free.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, folks!
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I recommend all the free lessons on spanishdict.com and Coffee Break Spanish.

I like the iPhone app for vocabulary from Brainscape which uses the spaced repetition technique. You could probably get many months of use from this one.

I also took 3 "Speed Spanish" online courses at ed2go; they are more expensive than your stated budget but also perhaps more involved and demanding.
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