Aero Snap on a monitor that's too large
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How do I divide a large monitor & still use Windows 7 Aero Snap?

I had two 19" monitors and I loved using Win 7 Aero Snap to throw windows from monitor to monitor. It was so easy to have 4 side by side windows!

Ok, so now I have a 2560x1440 27" monitor (hurray!). Aero Snap can only snap this monitor into two halves/columns.

How can I get this to divide into 4 columns?
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Three options (though I'm sure there are more out there) - Winsplit Revolution, GridMove, or Gridy. I believe all three will let you define a four column setup and Winsplit looks to be more versatile, but I believe the other two are standalone AutoHotKey scripts that could be modified if needed.
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I really like GridMove and used that for quite a while at work before we moved to Macs.
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