Big Bend Accommodations in March
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My family is heading to Big Bend and Marfa in March. Anyone with recommendations on where to stay while at the park? We aren't going to have camping gear with us.
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I can completely recommend the Antelope Lodge in Alpine. Not exactly the most convenient, but it's where I base myself when I go to Big Bend and Marfa. I usually camp most of the time I'm in the park though.
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We stayed in the lodge (the one in the middle of the park) last March. We woke up to deer chillin' 5 feet from our door. There are several trails that start near the lodge (the one that goes down to the Window is nice).

Oh, and you might even get to see a mountain lion.
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If you go cheap and stay in a motel in Terlingua, be sure to go to Kathy's Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe for breakfast burritos!
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We spent a week meandering around West Texas/East New Mexico last March, and made the El Oso Flojo Lodge in Balmorhea our base of operations. It's too far to be your main digs for Big Bend as it's 3 hrs away, but it's well situated if you want to do Carlsbad/Roswell/Ft. Davis/etc., I can't recommend it highly enough.
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I forgot to mention that we stayed in the Hotel Paisano a couple of years ago, and it's excellent.
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The Paisano is very nice. Big Bend itself is very far from anything - even Lajitas or Terlingua, you're driving hours every day to get to & from. The Chisos Mountain Lodge at the park is a tad pricey, but way worth it. Our room was 50 ft. From the trailheads to several great excursions, & the food at the restaurant was better than I expected. It's literally right under Casa Grande, which just dominates the horizon. Lovely place.

Terlingua was kind of a pit.

Also, if you travel between Marfa & Big Bend, be sure to take the river road. Presidio is a shithole, but FM 170 from there to Big Bend is utterly fantastic.
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Also, if you travel between Marfa & Big Bend, be sure to take the river road. Presidio is a shithole, but FM 170 from there to Big Bend is utterly fantastic.

Oh, absolutely. There are a zillion stops with signs along the way describing the local geology etc. Take the time to stop at some of them, it's totally worth it. Also go wade in the river, just to say you did.

We did Balmorhea to Presidio to Big Bend, hiked at Big Bend, drove back to McDonald Observatory for the star party, back to Balmorhea in one day. Didn't even feel like we were really pushing it, didn't really have much of an agenda, just wandering. Breakfast in Ft. Davis, lunch in Terlingua, dinner in Alpine.

Also, spring break in Texas is March 12-16, so you'll need to make reservations early. On the up side, McDonald Observatory does their star parties every night during that week.
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Response by poster: Very helpful. Thanks. Reservations have been made. Paisano and in Terlingua. Looking forward to the Kosmic breakfast burritos.
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