How do I get more control over prezi?
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What do I need to learn in order to hack my own prezi files? CSS? Flash? None of the above?

I taught a class last term with prezi, and I have gotten really into it. I noticed that a company called slidedynamic has created some 'prezi plug-ins,' (or additional prezi tools for both online and offline versions), and I'd like to learn how these generally work, how hard it would be to write similar code myself, and/or how to manipulate the guts of a prezi.

I shelled out for the EduPro account, so I have the desktop editor, but I get the sense that a whole different level of control over the presentations is just out of my grasp, but I don't know what to learn or how to start learning it.

I know that prezi is Flash-based (I guess for the animation aspects?), and I also know that it uses CSS (for formatting text and arranging objects?).

I don't know very much at all about Flash or CSS, but I have pretty decent general computing skills. I'm not certain if my time would be best spent learning more about either of these if my goal is really just increased control over what I can do with prezi.

If anyone knows specifically how best learn what's going on with prezi, or has good suggestions about learning more about Flash or CSS (hopefully as they map readily onto prezi), I'd love to hear!

Thanks much.
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Have you taken a look at their job offerings? That might give a hint as to what you might be looking for..
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