I'm gonna need it to bring ALL the boys to the yard.
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Who makes the best milkshakes in Southeast Michigan? I live in Detroit but am not at all opposed to driving a fair bit for something spectacular. My dream shake is extra thick and filled with chunks of actual berries that stop up the straw. Malts need not apply.
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Have you tried Oberweis Diary? I haven't, yet, but am told their shakes are wonderful.
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I'm a partisan of the Guernsey Dairy, myself. Pizza Bob's in Ann Arbor also makes a mean shake, but don't remember them being chunky.
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Don's of Traverse City (but their Novi location)
48730 Grand River Ave
Novi, MI 48374

Real fruit milk shakes. Super delicious! My family and I often made the 40+ minute drive there just for the milkshakes.
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Before you support Oberweis Dairy, you might want to look into Jim Oberweis, who ran for every political opening except dog catcher for a while in Illinois, and see whether you're interested in supporting someone like him. Also, I have had an Oberweis shake before I knew anything about Jim Oberweis, and found it vastly inferior to Steak & Shake.
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I too have quested for the most beautiful shake in all the land. A blender, some fruit and ice cream from the Washtenaw Dairy or Kilwins is a good path to go down.
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