Recommendations for an accountant in downtown Boston?
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Can anyone recommend an accountant in downtown Boston? Primarily for personal income tax preparation, but I'm also interested in financial planning. Location is important -- ideally located in the Financial District, West End, or North End.

(I saw this post but would prefer the locations I've listed as opposed to Cambridge, Quincy, etc.) While I'm not sure my tax situation is considered complicated, I'm not comfortable filing on my own using TurboTax or other programs. Possible complicating factors include the fact that I am legally separated but not officially divorced, earned income in both NY and MA in 2011, have moving and education expenses, and own out-of-state rental properties. Thanks!
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Donahue and Associates has offices in South Boston not that far from South Station. They're great folks and I've used them a couple of times to untangle my tax situations.
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