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A cat peed on my netbook, now it smells like cat pee. What to do about the awful smell?

I haven't tried turning it on since noticing it had been peed on but it should be dry by now (I dried what I could and left it dripping during the night, now it has a bag of silica gel on top of the keyboard just in case).

The smell is awful though and makes it unusable.
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That pee is going to be all through it and I guarantee you that you will not get rid of the smell without pulling it apart. You'll need to disassemble the machine and carefully clean it with I dunno, cleaning alcohol or something.
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From here:

"The bulk will be on the outside of the computer. Wipe it off with a barely damp cloth, dampened with a chlorine based bleach to remove the stink. Don't use solvents. Computers are easily damaged by solvents.

The keyboard is tricky. If you are feeling poor and don't want to replace the whole keyboard module you can clean it yourself. On many laptops the key caps will come off, if prised upwards. Clean the space under them with those cotton wool sticks you stick in your ear. (Use clean ones - please)

Once separated, the plastic key caps can be washed in hot water and regular detergent. Dry them well before replacing. Oh, remember where they came from - perhaps photostat your keyboard before pulling the caps off.

Its a tricky job. If you aren't a handy sort of person with a talent for watchmaking get it done professionally."

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After you've done everything possible to clean it, if there's still an odor, try burying it in a cardboard box full of wadded-up newspapers and closing the box. Remove the papers each day and change to clean ones. Hopefully, after a week or so there won't be any odor left. I had a friend who made a freezer full of spoiled meat as good as new using this method.

Trouble is, once a cat has peed on your notebook, the same cat or another one will do the same thing the first chance he gets - you'll need to be very watchful.
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