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I'm looking for a sound file from a Kenny Everett record: Big architect in the sky.

My friend adores this song but would love a better quality sound file. I'm happy to pay (a reasonable amount) for an mp3 of it.

More amazing and wonderful would be if I could get all 30 songs from Kenny Everett's The World's Worst Wireless Show (preferred playlists here and here) - favourites include The Deal & I want my baby back.
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The whole album is available at the blog Left and to the Back. I downloaded it to make sure it was kosher. It's a 72.4 MB zip file and seems like a good copy, although I haven't listened to all of it yet. Enjoy!
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Oops! now I've looked at your preferred playlists I see there are only three matching tracks. Sorry!
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Actually, perfect. Just what I wanted. Thanks!
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It does have the Big Architect though. And I got a post to the blue out of it, so there's that.
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