Temporary accomodations with a family.
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My friend just arrived from overseas on a visa after having completed medical school. He is applying to get into a residency program. Meanwhile, he wants to stay with a family here in the SE Michigan area. Have you had good experiences/heard good things about any organizations that might be able to match him up with a family to live with for a temporary period of time?
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What kind of visa is he on?
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I would certainly go through the school - many schools have formal connections with community families will take responsibility for arrangements and communication.

Is it that he is trying to save money or does he want to get to know some Americans?

How old is he? I've found, with working with foreign students, that families are not excited to bring adults into their household as readily as teenagers or young adults.

I've also found that families are more willing to take young women in to their homes.

Hope this helps. I'm originally from Michigan and can possibly help you find some contacts.
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I just posted a question about the .

I think the club is geared toward providing very short term accomodation. This might be an option, at least at first.

He could also see if there's an international student organization or some sort of cross-cultural club on campus. They might be able to give him some leads on finding a host family.
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shoot...my link didn't post. My html skill is non-existent.

Here's the link to the organization I was talking about.

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Well he's going through a tricky application process and interviews. He needs to be close to his study partners in SE Michigan. His main reasoning is saving money ($600 to us is more like $4500 to him at this point, with the currency exchange and all). Sharpening his English for his exam / upcoming neurology program residency interviews is very important as well.
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Well he's going through a tricky application process and interviews.

Does that mean he's here as a visitor and is trying to change or what?
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The question is not visa related, it is housing related.

You might want to check out the Ecumenical Center and International Residence in Ann Arbor, www.ecir.org . Never lived there myself, but I hear it's a friendly environment for folks who have just arrived from overseas. Lots of opportunities to practice English, and it's supposed to be cheaper than other rentals. Still, not as cheap as staying with a family.

It can also help to roam hallways of universities for the odd "reduced rent for help around the house" flyers. I see one every other week at UofM bulletin boards.

Good luck to your friend.
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The question is not visa related, it is housing related.

Yes, actually it is. Some visas require that he have those arrangements made ahead of time, others require that the sponsoring program provide housing. I'm trying to find out what kind of visa he is on so that I can get him in the right direction.
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If he is trying to work with UM, he should check with the International Center on campus.

The department he is trying to get his residency through may also be able to help. Some faculty members are usually willing to volunteer short term housing with their families. He may be able to exchange summer residency for some nanny work, etc.

He may also be able to find a sublet, many of the med students go home for the summer, so he may be able to find a furnished room/apartment for cheap.

I am on vacation right now, but if he still needs help next week, contact me and I will try to find some contacts.
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If he is in Ann Arbor, he should look into living in Ypsilanti and taking the bus into town. It is significantly cheaper.

It will be tough to find a family for the reasons mentioned above.
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If he's in Ann Arbor... How long will he be here? Is he cool? Does he want a sublet? What's his budget?
I'm in Ann Arbor, have a buncha friends around town, or might be convinced to take on someone myself. All depends on those variables. Email's in my profile.
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Yes, he is on a 6 month visitor's visa, but will only be in SE Michigan 3 weeks or so, before he has to go to Pennsylvania where he is signed up to be an observer at a hospital. (His accommodations are already taken care of in Pennsylvania.) We just now we got word that he has friends in Hamtramick, but no space for a third roommate. So the ideal situation would be cheap living quarters close to Hamtramick (so he can study with friends for the upcoming verbal-based exam). A motel is possibleI just figured there may be organizations that help with this kind of thing or other suggestions from you guys, and so far these have been very helpful (I wish he had a car, so that the Ann Arbor suggestions would be doable for him.)
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Most major universities have placement programs. Try Wayne State for housing info. in the area. Also, try local churches - many have bulletin boards that he can post on for housing needs.
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