Wait. I-I'm only a pie ma'am.
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I'm looking for a great pumpkin pie in central Orange County (CA) that can be delivered. Do you know of one?

I have a dear friend who lives in Tustin who I want to send a thank you gift to. His all-time favorite sweet is a plain ol' traditional pumpkin pie, and while I can make quite a nice one myself, shipping it across country in one piece is tricky. I've come across a couple online pie-shipping sites that can be used, but would really prefer to use a bakery local to him if possible.
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I live very near your friend and I can't think of any bakeries that deliver - in fact, most of our pie places are restaurants famous for their pies. Two that come to mind where you can get gift certificates are Polly's Pies and Marie Callender's. They don't deliver, though. Polly's are better, I think, but not as convenient to Tustin as Marie's.
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My parents were long time Marie Callender's fans, but the last time I spoke with my mother (about my dad's birthday) she said they'll be getting the pie from Polly's, because "Marie Callender's aren't as good as they used to be".
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Yeah Marie's pies are pretty gross now. Polly's might be willing to swing a delivery though.
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You can get couriers to pick up from just about anywhere and deliver just about anywhere else.

I Googled "courier service tustin california" (without quotes) and these were the top 2 results for me:

That's a great gift idea, by the way. Inspired me!
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