What is this fabric called?
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Came across this fabric stored above my wardrobe recently and have no idea of what it is called or what use it would have been put to. As the photo illustrates it has a bright green tonic background with raised woven black lines across it making a heavily textured surface. Unusually the back is identical to the front. It is a little too heavy to be a dress fabric and why would it be double sided if it was a furnishing or curtaining fabric?
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Might it be a fabric for tablecloths and similar? My grandmother had a tablecloth with stripes woven into it that reminds me of that.
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Curtain fabric? That would explain the two sided-ness.
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Best answer: It looks like upholstery fabric to me. The 'two sided-ness' makes things like facings, plackets, etc. easier.
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I agree with trip and a half - looks like upholstery fabric to me.
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It's upholstery fabric. The back is "the same" because it is woven not printed. It isn't, in fact, identical; one side will be the second side as it's not as shiny.
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Best answer: I have a similar fabric remnant which was labeled "Ottoman", although Google mostly turns up stuff about fabric-covered footstools. This is the closest I could find to your picture, although the ribs are much smaller. It's listed in their Home Decorating section, but at the fabric store where I got the remnant the employee told me it's used for jacket collars, cuffs, and other small parts that are supposed to be fairly stiff.

The reversibility is a function of how it's woven, since it's a warp-faced weave (I couldn't find a better explanation, but you can see how the warp threads appear on both faces of the fabric in the picture). Any difference in shininess or texture will come from post-weaving treatments or careless handling.

P.S. I have no idea what to use this fabric for either, but I'm a sucker for shiny textiles.
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Probably used for upolstery
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If it's heavier weight (think denim) cotton fabric (you can tell by snipping off a small piece and lighting a match to it. If it melts it's synthetic based) then it could be used for upholstery, slipcovers, or even back in the horrid old days of indefensible fash: clothing.
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Upholstery and drapery.
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Another vote for upholstery.
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