LA birthday spots--what should we do?
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[LA Filter] I need last minute restaurant or other fun experience for husband's birthday in LA

Next weekend is my husband's birthday. I think I may have blown it because it's also the weekend before Valentines and I'm wondering if all the good restaurants will be booked. We normally splurge and go out to a really nice dinner but this year I'm thinking to do something different. I have no idea what that would be. A few details:
* Whatever we do, we have to do it on next Saturday night when we have grandma coming in to babysit
* My husband loves good food--pretty much all kinds. It doesn't have to be fancy food, just really great.
* I'm thinking of really great dessert somewhere
* Dinner doesn't have to be the main event though it can be

Interesting bars, music, events, places with crazy atmosphere....what could we do? We can go anywhere from the beach to Pasadena. Just to give you an idea, I was thinking about Lucha Va Voom but it's from the 14th-16th. One of his best birthdays we went to have steak in Silverlake and then went to see Jonathan Richman play in a bar on Sunset. Something along those lines would be good but could be something totally different. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I think Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach has a really unique environment. There is a restaurant called Gjelina that may be good for a birthday dinner. I recommend going for a walk before/after because it's a nice street, kind of hipster with boutiques, and it's by the beach. Also, check out the Venice canals during the afternoon!
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Griffith Park planetarium is open again. The show is fun and a little ridiculous depending on the presenter. Some of them get *really* into it. And there are good restaurants nearby in Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silverlake.
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Griffith Park *Observatory* planetarium is of course what I meant.
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My girlfriend recently took me to a hidden away wine bar called Lou, here's the yelp page. They don't take reservations, so that wouldn't be a problem. Arrive right when it opens, or you might have to wait. They have many good wines and very good food. It would be fun to start there, and then go elsewhere.

Even if you don't go there, if reservations are a problem (and at most places, I doubt they will be), there are plenty of places that don't take reservations.
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Gjelina is delicious and amazing, but it's also pretty crowded and loud, and reservations are difficult to get. If you want to eat there, call them as soon as physically possible!
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In Downtown LA, you could see a happy movie, and go to the wurst restaurant.
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Wurstkuche is good, but The Gorbals is within walking distance of the Downtown Independent and fairly spectacular. Make sure you check out their current menu, and note that they serve a la carte-style meals. If you go on Saturday I might see you there. =)
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Thanks I've never heard of Lou...we might check that out! The happy movie sounds interesting and also The Gorbals.
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The Gorbals is rough for groups. We had a reservation for 10 and were seated at a bench with seats for 14, with a party of 6. It was slow and crowded in general, and the seating situation at my table was really uncomfortable.

Please let us know what you and Mr. Biscuits ended up doing.
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