Where can I drink wine at a Starbucks in Seattle?
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Which Starbucks locations in Seattle, WA serve beer and wine?

Through googling, I could find that the Starbucks at 1600 Olive Way has a Starbucks bar. Articles/blogs around the internet, however, say that there are five Seattle locations that do and searching for the others I've found no results.

Please help me get my wine on at Starbucks, metafilter! Where are these other stores?
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Search for "Stealth Starbucks" as that's what they were called before they went official.

Apparently now that they are official they're laying low - I couldn't find anything on the website that differentiated them.

From personal knowledge, there's another on Capitol Hill: 15th Ave
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Roy Street Coffee and Tea is one of them. It's "operated by Starbucks," not a Starbucks-proper. You might also try searching for "Fauxbucks."
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Sounds like there's one in Issaquah.

For the other locations, there's Madison Park, the aforementioned 15th Ave, and one in Portland. I found the rest here.
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