What is causing Parental Violation warnings on my entertainment?
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Tried to play Avatar (PG 13) for the child via the DVD player and a sign came up saying Parental Violation. Three times. Tried a PG movie. No problem Tried an R movie. No problem. Never programmed for parental controls at any time. It's an old GE model, FWIW. Saves me from seeing Avatar, but I'm real curious what's going on here and fear for the future.
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There's probably a default password for parental controls. It would be in the manuals but might be available on line. See if that will get you unstuck.
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My PS2 does this sometimes too, always randomly. Can't help you with why but you're definitely not alone!
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If you post a model number, maybe there's a firmware fix available.
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Try 1111 or 1234 for the default password... I'm having vague memories of going through this ourselves.
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Response by poster: All good answers, and glad to hear I'm not alone. ( Actually, no, sorry to hear that I'm not alone, it makes for more human misery, which I am pretty much against.)

Then too, the library has a second copy of Avatar on its shelves (oh the shame of it) so, I'll try that as well. Many thanks to all.
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