It would be a crime to not watch the Superbowl in Boston this year
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Where should I watch the Superbowl in Boston?

So far no parties have come into my purview... but my boyfriend and I would like to watch the game amidst some of America's most loyal and boisterous fans (Bostonians, natch). There are bars in my neighborhood (Allston), and I fully expect them to fill up very early (and I'm not a big fan of the Allston bar crowds), but I want to know: Where's the best place to watch it and also, how early do you think I'll need to get there before it fills up?

I'm perfectly willing to travel to Cambridge, Somerville, etc etc.
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Any bar around Fenway should be intense, but don't go out for a smoke after the half, the rule per the Boston police is no re-entry near the end of the game. (Somehow that reduces post game rambunctiousness)
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Tavern in the Square in Central Square has lots of TV screens and a high-energy though relatively polite crowd, so that might be a nice balance.

Champions at the Marriott in Kendall Square is having some food specials. They have fantastic screens. Most of the folks there will either be MIT types or business travelers, so also a little different from the Allston and Fenway crowds.

Atlantic Beer Garden is having some kind of wacky bash with a half-time corn hole (the beanbag toss game!) tournament.

I actually like Orleans in Davis Square for sporting events, though they don't have the best TV screens.
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I have nothing to add but will be monitoring this thread for suggestions, 'cause I'm in the same boat.
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Best answer: If you stay in Allston, what do you think of Common Ground? It's smaller and definitely has less of the meatmarket vibe of, say, White Horse or Tavern on the Square. They have two flat screens over the bar and a big projection screen as I recall.

I'll plug two places in my own neighborhood across the river: Thirsty Scholar on Beacon St. in Somerville, and Bukowski Tavern in Inman Square. Both places skew 5-10 years older than Allston-- think MIT/Harvard grad student rather than BU undergrad. Thirsty is medium-sized, and has maybe 6 or 8 screens, so viewing is good from any seat; on the downside, I don't think they clean their taplines often enough. (Oh, and they're very proud that "The Social Network" filmed a scene there.) Bukowski has an excellent draft list, but only 3 screens, situated in the corners of the room, so there are lots of poor and obstructed views (though, imo, this is part of the classic Boston sports fan experience)-- best views are mostly right around the bar itself. Thirsty will draw more sports fans and should be full before the game starts, don't know how early you'd need to arrive; I was at Bukowski for the AFC championship game and the non-barstool seats didn't get busy until about halftime. Should be busier this Sunday, but you probably won't see much logo apparel there if that's part of the experience for you.
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Oh, and I stopped by Tavern on the Square in Central during the first quarter of the Pats-Denver playoff game-- it was beyond standing-room packed, and a table full of women accused me of trying to order a drink from their waitress. Ugh.
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Thanks for the trip report, Dixon Ticonderoga! "Too packed" is not a good look for Tavern in the Square, so maybe the OP should skip it for the Super Bowl.

Champions at the Kendall Square Marriott is a giant room so it might be a good bet for people looking to avoid "packed".
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I think my neighbors and I (and SO) will be going to Canary Square in JP.

Drop me a MeMail if that's where you end up!
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Common Ground isn't a terrible idea, but I'm biased as my husband's been the Friday 90s night DJ there for years. I know the owner expects it to be packed and it might end up being reservations-only for a seat on the restaurant side. Lots of TVs, though, and not a bad menu for pub food and my favorite of all, cider on tap. Canary Square's great too!
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I usually don't try to fight the Boston bar crowds, but I'd love to hear any recommendations.
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The bars on Canal St. (near the Garden) are all great for sporting events (not Beer Works, though- too big and not enough screens). I'd say to get there at least a couple of hours before kickoff.
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Response by poster: We went to Bukowski's in Inman Square and it was pretty much perfect. Not many folks there, but those in attendance were friendly and the food and beer were great. Thank you for the suggestions!
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it was pretty much perfect.

What with the final score being what it was.
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