May in Nova Scotia. Cold? Buggy?
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May in Nova Scotia. Cold? Buggy? Wet?

We're going to be in Maine and Nova Scotia for the first two weeks of May. What kind of weather can I expect?

I can find numbers online, but I am looking for more subjective assessments. Would it be crazy to go camping? Are bugs an issue at this time of year? Will I find that many things are not yet open for the season?

I've seen the other NS threads but am particularly interested in opinions about the weather in early May.
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This year's been really wonky (read: warm and wet), so it's hard to say, but early May in Nova Scotia is still pretty solidly spring, rather than summer. It might be warm and lovely, but make sure you have things for cooler weather just in case. It has snowed in May before, but it's not common. Also, always be prepared for wet.

Things should be opening up around that time; May 15 is when the touristy stuff is pretty much guaranteed to be open.
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Best answer: May in NS is quite pleasant. Not hot, but pleasant. Be prepared for rain. Don't worry about bugs.
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Response by poster: Where will you be in Nova Scotia?

We're driving up though NB and then up to Cape Breton Island. Return via Halifax, Shelburne and the Digby ferry. Or something like that.
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May in NS is pleasant-ish, for NS. People often don't plant gardens until after the May 24 weekend because of the frost risk (also occasionally snowstorms). That doesn't stop people from camping but it could snow, and it is almost guaranteed to be damp. If you're unlucky, it'll rain for days. If you're luckier, fog, haze, or mist. If it isn't damp, buy a lottery ticket.

Honestly, May isn't NS's best month but at least it's not February. And the cool weather means the bugs aren't out yet (hopefully).

There are a lot of pubs to warm up in if necessary. And yes, a lot of tourist attractions won't be open. Usually things open the May 24th weekend.
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