Short People Need Bags Too
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BagFilter: Can anyone recommend a backpack for short people? I am short and most backpacks are too long for my torso.

I am looking for a bag to carry to work and school. I am 5'0'. Most bags are designed for people with some length on their torso and then either hurt or look funny. I tried messenger bags, but these are also kind of large. Any bags for short/petite people?
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I'm not the same size but I searched for months (possibly years) for a comfortable backpack for day hikes -- settling finally on Millet. The first rule to finding a backpack was to select a size first (expressed usually in liters) then start the winnowing from there. People who use a pack for daily commuting tend to wear packs incorrectly. What struck me with the Millet was the adjustability -- to get the pack fitting snug to my back and riding nicely at the hips. Caveat: I shopped for a pack in Paris where day packs and the culture of day hiking is strong.
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go to the Mountain Equipment Co-op website; they are a canadian outdoor store, and many of their bags come in 'short' 'regular' and 'tall' sizes. (And yes, lots of their bags are work/school appropriate.)

Either that or perhaps there are some non-childish-looking bags for children that you could use? You're the same height as a lot of 12 year olds. Maybe try some specialty/higher end childrens stores? (I say higher end because seems they'd be more likely to have more sophisticated looking bags. Just a guess though.)
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more expensive makes have different designs for women (which tend to assume shorter bodies and different strap shapes, as well as "prettier" colours). also, some have adjustable backs, but that tends to be larger capacities. you're probably best going to a good quality walking/outdoor shop.
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mooshy, I'm the same height as you - if you find anything, I'd love to hear about it.
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