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Where can I get the chords of a song taken from Night of the Hunter ?

The song is Pearl's song (aka pretty fly) , by Walter Schuman. I'm hopeless at transcribing and getting chords from a song, so your help would be much appreciated. Any arrangement, no matter how simple or intricate is welcome (especially if it captures the eerie character of the music). Actually, I would also appreciate to get the chord sequence of the other song from the movie, Lullaby (from 4' on in this extract).
The purpose is simply to grab my guitar and be able to play along some kids who happen to like the songs.

Thanks !
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There was a musical score published of the musical adaptation of the film, but I don't know if it uses those specific pieces. I wasn't even aware it was adapted into a musical but the library of the performing arts in NYC is the authority on printed music to me.
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Best answer: Here's the right link.
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