Can a chin strap reduce chin growth?
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Chin strap to reduce chin growth — Is this a real thing?

When I was much younger (around 10) my orthodontist had me wear a chin strap to sleep at night, pretty much like this. The explanation they gave to me was that it would reduce the growth of my chin/jaw, but even as a child I never understood how a piece of fabric for seven hours a day would be strong enough to have that effect.

Googling this type of item, it seems to be exclusively for controlling mouth breathing, which seems like a much, much more likely explanation. Did they just outright lie to me to get me to wear this thing?

If so, file this under "Incredibly obvious thing I didn't realize for decades."
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I'm pretty sure your orthodontist's goal had to do with improving your bite--how your top and bottom teeth mesh-- by countering your jaw's tendency towards underbite.
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Scoliosis is also treated by bracing that doesn't seem like it would be effective, but it is.
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