Suggestions for wedding band shopping in San Diego
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I'm getting married in San Diego in the middle of February. I will have a short span of time to acquire a wedding band in a city I know nothing about. Do you have an suggestions where I might find a non-jeweled, yellow-gold, vintage, possibly deco-period, wedding band?
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San Diego has a really active Yelp community, you might look at reviews there. But unless there are extenuating circumstances, you could buy the ring where you are right now and get personal suggestions from people you know, or buy online.
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Jessop's is a pretty well-known estate jewelry in San Diego.
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Response by poster: There are extenuating circumstances. The ring needs to be purchased in San Diego.
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There are some areas of San Diego that have more jewelry stores than others - I got my wedding band (custom made) at Mario's in La Jolla, and there are a ton of other stores in the area ("the Village", around Girard and Fay Streets), with quite a few of them being mom and pop type places. When my wife was looking for engagement rings, she seemed to encounter a bunch of vintage ones shopping around there, and we eventually got her one from Mario's (which is why we went back for the wedding band). Pricing may be a little out of whack, since La Jolla is a wealthy enclave of town, but that also seems to mean that the store get a lot of sold stuff from estates and whatnot. You can't guarantee selection on those types of things (Mario's stock of display merchandise was pretty small, for example), but with all the stores around you could probably visit a bunch on one day and see what they've got. It's possible there are other parts of town with similar concentrations of jewelry stores where you could do something similar, but La Jolla seems like a pretty good bet.
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Congratulations! There are several antique shops and jewelry stores along Adams Avenue in the Kensington/Normal Heights/University Heights area, as well as on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach.
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Need way more info. What is your price range? Renting a car? Where are you staying?
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