Antique Wedding Band Designs
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My fiance and I have been looking for a unique wedding band design and we really like carved and engraved gold but not the stuff that looks like it has just been diamond cut. We found a really nice 1930's french wedding band with laurel on it Here. Any ideas where I could find more designs like this?? We are looking to stick to yellow gold and want something unique.
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That is a beautiful ring you posted the picture of. It is not a hard thing for a jewelry designer to create something like that and it's surprisingly affordable. Do some research, find a jeweler in your area who can do this and have a talk with him/her. Buy the ring in the picture and have the jeweler make a cast of it and you will have a match.
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I can't open your photobucket link (damn content-blocker at work!), so I can't actually see what you're referring to, but there are lots of engraved ring designs here.
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My wife and I have wedding bands that look almost exactly like this. They were made by Paul D'Olympia, who lives and works on Martha's Vineyard. He is a family friend, and custom made our rings for us. I don't think he does custom work any more, but it can't hurt to ask. And maybe he could refer you to someone else. Good luck!
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WSG, I believe that ring is carved, not cast. It's not a technique/look that's easy to replicate.
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That ring may be carved, but a cast would create a near perfect replica thereof.
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Something different, if not carved:
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I don't know whether this place would have anything that meets your needs but my partner and I found a lovely and unusual gold engagement ring there. Check out the designers section.
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This bit in particular
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me and my wife have matching silver bands from this guy . he does custom work in any metal. its more of celtic designs but i am sure he would do anything.
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my dad and his 3rd wife had carved gold bands from florence, where that is the customary style. They're not exactly my taste, but they are unusual & memorable. this site has a selection of florentine rings, though none of them quite look like the ones my dad had (which were yellower gold & more intricate) - but it seems to be in the vein of what you're looking for.
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I don't know whether this place would have anything that meets your needs but my partner and I found a lovely and unusual gold engagement ring there. Check out the designers section.

Heh, us too! And cdcello, ours look (coincidentally) quite similar to the photo you linked. I am sorry I cannot remember the designer's name (gosh, has it been 15 years already!?) but they were purchased at Clay Pot, to which Decani linked.
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Fay Cullen is a great source for antique jewelry. They have some nice wedding rings, too.

I would also check out Pricescope as a great forum for all your jewelry needs. Friendly forum with great amatuer/expert advice and lots of testimonials and reviews.
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Look at these by Georg Jensen - they are really cool
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I have some advice on engagement rings. I bought my wife a Georgian era antigue ring with diamonds and saphires, which was made about 1780, the dealer said. It's really beautiful, and was surprisingly inexpensive, given its age and beauty. About $2000. The dealer said, and others have told me as well, that the prices on Georgian rings are lower than what might be expected because the diamonds are usually "pink," that is, not flawless. The technology had not yet been invented to make them flawless. The diamonds also usually came from Brazil. I think these pink diamonds are prettier than the flawless current ones, but luckily enough other people don't think so. We bought her ring at Barney's in New York, which had a special display for awhile. They may still have some. But there are also dealers of antique rings in New York. Just ask for "Georgian-era rings." I have seen other Georgian antique rings and earrings since then, and the style is easily identifiable.
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