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Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Schengen - does time in those three countries count against the 90/180 days?

Supposing one (an American) wanted to spend, say, 6 weeks in Bulgaria and then 90 days immediately after in France.

Now, under the Schengen agreement an American can go to France--or any combination of Schengen countries--for up to 90 days in a period of 180 without a visa. Bulgaria has signed on but not yet implemented the Schengen agreement. Does time spent in Bulgaria count against the 90 day limit?
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Bulgaria is not a member of the European Union's Schengen passport-free zone (and most likely won't be any time soon), and as such your stay there will be counted separately from the 90 day visa-free limit. The same applies to Romania, Cyprus, the UK and Ireland.
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Response by poster: I see. So in going from Bulgaria to a Schengen country, I would an exit stamp from Bulgaria and a fresh entry stamp from the country I was going to?
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