Video editing software for mashups.
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I made some mashups. Now I want to mashup the music videos too. What video editing software should I use?

I've done a few mashups where I take acapellas of one song and instrumentals from another song and make everything fit and sound right. Now I want to make music videos to go along with it.

The only tricky bit is that as part of the mashing-up process, I speed up and/or slow down the tracks, so I need video editing software where I can give it a music video and say "play this at 86% speed" so I can sync it with the audio.

I'm on a PC, and I don't mind spending time learning software. What's the best tool for this?
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Sony vegas will slow video down or speed up it for you. you have to hold the shift key down then drag the end of the clip. :)
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You might find AVISynth useful. It basically lets video-processing scripts 'proxy' as video clips.

Example: I did the video part of RickRound (self-link, Astley alert) exclusively with AVISynth and VirtualDub.

(Also I totally want to see your videos when you're done.)
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Best answer: I am a loooong time professional editor who has used just about everything, linear and non, and, these days, I think it is hard to get better than Adobe Premiere. It does off-speed quite well including optical flow retiming ("oflow"). My 2ยข.
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