In search of synchronized treadmill workout videos.
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In search of synchronized treadmill workout videos.

I just purchased a new treadmill (yay!). It does not have iFit or a similar feature that will sync Google maps street view to the program you are running, but I think I can go one better: are there any POV videos around for the purpose of viewing while on the treadmill that can match the speed and elevation of the program you are running?

I am thinking of hiking trails, mountain runs, anything with nice scenery that would add a holodeck element to my workout.

I could manually create the treadmill program if the video was accompanied with speed and elevation info...
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Collage Video would be a good place to look.
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Response by poster: That's a starting point, but I am really looking for something more tightly synced with the program you are running, to enhance the illusion of actually being there.
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I'd suggest checking out some of these DVDs.

There's also the option of finding some of the older Ifit videos. They always announce on them when there is a change of pace or incline, so you can do that yourself manually and be in "sync."
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