Sgt Pepper cover of Q Magazine - did this happen?
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Did Q Magazine ever do a cover in the style of Sgt. Pepper?

I seem to remember Q Magazine doing a Sgt. Pepper-style cover sometime between 1995-2000 (this was the prime of my Q-reading) with more updated people in the background -- I specifically remember Morrissey was one of them. The Beatles may have been in the forefront, or it might have been someone like Oasis. Does anybody remember this and/or can you help me find this cover? It's kind of driving me crazy.
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Best answer: Dammit I didn't know they had searchable covers online. It looks like it's inside this one from Oct. 1996.
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Response by poster: But I would still like some help tracking down a large image of this if anyone can. I'm not having any luck...
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Wow, nostalgia time. I had that issue, but regrettably my father threw out five years' worth of subscription issues once I went to college. Which was really dumb, because he's the one that paid for the damn things. Anyway, you can get one for $8 either via eBay or Amazon, it appears, if it's really important to you.
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