The Easiest Calendar App to use (aka a Calendar for a Calendar-hater)
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What's the most user-friendly Android calendar app? The prettiest layout wins.

I got a Galaxy S2 (i777) and am looking for a Calendar app that allows you to see your whole week at a glance. For some reason I can't find any that are just plain... like looking at Google calendar on your desktop, with times block out, laying out the whole week in front of you. If there's an app that allows you to basically plaster that Google calendar weekly view over your desktop, please let me know what it is! Have tried Smooth Calendar, Caros planner, and can't find anything that looks right and allows me to include my Google tasks, too.

I'm not in the habit of using a planner (I never remember to look at it!), so the more user-friendly, the better.
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I use Touch Calendar Free and Calwidget. YMMV.
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Jorte might do what you want.
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I use Business Calendar Free.
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I use Business Calendar Pro and I got it as an Amazon Free App. It isn't pretty, but damn efficient.

I used to never be a calendar checker. What made it work for me is I gave up the entirety of one of my home screens to an Agenda Widget. It helped me become a calendar addict.
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The Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google Calendar is fantastic and replicates the desktop Google Calendar experience well. If you ever replace the ROM on your phone, then I would go with that option.
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Seconding Agenda Widget. It's the best of the calendar widgets, and it lets you pick which calendars you want to see in the widget view. The options are a little geeky, but they give you a lot of control over the look.
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For an app rather than a widget, I like pocket informant, has multiple calendar views including full month. It also includes great task management, and links the two together very well. Its also very pretty. It's not cheap as android apps go, but having used it for a while it beats the crap out of touch calendar and astrid, my previous method. It syncs with toodledo and/or gtasks as well as Google calendar, obviously.

I now use pure calendar as my combo desktop agenda widget for calendar and tasks (pulled from pi) to show what's due the next couple of days, and pocket informant for longer term overview.

There's also pure calendar grid, for a month layout view instead. The paid version of touch calendar does a nice widget to show how many weeks ahead in a grid view as you like, but doesn't include tasks alas.
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Thirding Business Calendar. Tried lots, this is the only one i stuck with.
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