All I want is to save a couple dollars on postage
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Can I put a penny stamp on my already-printed metered letters?

I have several envelopes that I printed postage on using my job's postage meter several weeks ago. The change in postal rates this week caught me by surprise, so they all have $0.44 of postage. Can I buy penny stamps to put on them to make these envelopes useful, or am I just out of luck with this previously purchased postage?
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Sure, why not, as long as the total is right?
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Best answer: I have done this and it was fine.

(Just make sure you don't put them in a mail box that is for metered mail only. I have no idea why there is a separate mail box for that, but there is at my post office, and I don't actually know what would happen if you put your mail in there that way, but, it says "metered mail only" and you're making your mail not metered mail.)
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