Desperately seeking brilliant sports doctor in New York
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Can you recommend a good sports doctor in NYC? (Need treatment for a rock climbing shoulder injury.)

Asking for a friend, who injured his shoulder this past spring while rock climbing. He went to see two doctors, did physical therapy, and it's still giving him a lot of trouble. Neither doctor really made any suggestions or diagnoses, just basically told him to stretch and wait for it to heal, which hasn't helped. He is desperate to try to find a better doctor who can actually help him here.

So, can you please recommend any awesome doctors in NYC who treat shoulder injuries, or are even just generally awesome sports doctors?

Extra bonus points for a doc who is really good with climbing injuries specifically, even more extra bonus points if they're in network for United Healthcare.

Thank you!
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Not a doctor, but Chris Johnson, PT. Two doctors over the summer diagnosed me with two different issues that had impeded my running.

Chris actually took the time to LOOK at me, rather than just my MRI's, diagnosed a totally separate condition, and in five weeks, I was completely better. I ran a marathon three weeks ago.
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If you're in NYC, and don't have any personal recommendations, I would recommend calling the Hospital for Special Surgery and asking for their shoulder specialists who take United Healthcare.
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I went to Sports Medicine Chelsea when I worked around there. Not for a sports injury, just for GP stuff, but the doctor I had was really good and seemed genuinely interested at getting to the bottom of things.
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I can personally recommend Dr. Selby. I actually started seeing him due to a rock climbing injury myself (I really geeked my elbow falling off a boulder problem in the Gunks). He is an excellent doctor. He really knows his stuff sports wise, doesn't immediately feel the need to medicate/over medicate you, and is a nice guy to boot. Definitely worth having your friend make an appointment.

Here's his listing:
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I saw Patrick Fazzari about 10 years ago for a back injury and found him thoughtful and thorough. I have no idea where or if he's practicing in the city these days.
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Riverside Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, Dr. Rosenstadt and Dr. Re. UWS.
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