Which boxes are perfect for storing receipts?
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I am looking for the perfect boxes to store receipts. I really like these, but I am not in the market to order 1000 pieces and I cannot find an office supply company that sells something similar.

These would be a good solution as well, but they are generic and I wouldn't mind paying a little more for something like the Green Leatherette Paper Document Box in the first link if I could find something like that, hopefully under $5 or so.
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Have you looked at the Container Store? They have a bunch of different document boxes. None under $5, but there are several in the $10 range.
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I saw the container store, but those were a little more expensive than what I was hoping for =/. Especially since I plan on using 4 a year (1 for each quarter). At that point it makes more sense to just go for the boring brown Uline ones, but I'm hoping there will be something in at a price point between the two.
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Demco.com has these boxes (labeled letter A) which seem between the two.
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Have you looked at Michaels? I just purchased a box to store my receipts there - they have a lot of options in store at that price range. Here is an example.
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Are you near a Walmart? They have a nice document box in their office section. I can't seem to locate it online, but saw them this evening.

It is a cardboard box covered in a heavy duty paper. The top is hinged and there is a metal bracket on the long side for you to place a label. The brand name is @ the office. The model number is 8259. There is a set of these boxes, different sizes and colors. I think I paid about $5.00 for them ( I bought 6, so they could not have been very expensive).
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I've purchased those exact boxes from Michael's as valoius suggests. I bought them during one of their regular sales, and got a bunch of them for $2 each, which is about as cheap as I've ever seen.
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