Holy jumping notes, Batman
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When I am working with notes (footnotes and endnotes) in Word for Mac 2011, there is some glitch that sometimes causes all the notes to disappear, or for my cursor to jump pages (up or down).

I have the latest version of Word (14.0.2, French) and OSX 10.6.8. There are some keys that cause problem (inserting an en-dash with cmd+hyphen, for example), but mostly it seems random. And it is driving me nuts! Just as soon as I start to type, the screen will disappear. It comes back, generally without doing anything, but the longer I work on the file, the more I need to shut it down.

My searching has come up with nothing. Has anyone experienced this? And found a solution?
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I can't help with that issue but was going to suggest running Word update (which you said you've done). Unrelated, Word for Mac 2011 has a very nasty data corruption bug that's been fixed but many people don't run the Word updater.
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